OpenEmbedded Coverage At FOSDEM 2014

FOSDEM 2014 took place a month ago in Brussels, Belgium, and the event was once again a success, with over 5000 visitors attending during the weekend. This year I was lucky enough to help the OpenEmbedded guys holding a booth during the event.

I started contributing to OpenEmbedded while playing with the Ben Nanonote, and I'm trying to keep up with new devices I lay my hands on. I naturally went to the OpenEmbedded booth during FOSDEM, hoping to see shiny new toys and say hello to the folks there. Didn't put much thought into it before coming, but it turned out that having one more guy help with the boot allowed the others to attend some talks. We took turns during Sunday.

We had the visit of Ken Fallon who was doing a coverage of FOSDEM for Hacker Public Radio. Listen and watch the whole OpenEmbedded coverage on Hacker Public Radio.

Paul Eggleton and me at FOSDEM 2014

Paul Eggleton & me at FOSDEM 2014. Picture by Hacker Public Radio, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

It was an interesting experience, welcoming passersby and talking about devices and the OpenEmbedded build system powering them -- people seemed more interested by the devices by the way, having more to showcase might help spreading the word.

I brought my Ben Nanonote to showcase on the stand, and felt psyched that people were amazed by the tiny-ness of the Ben -- "cute" was the word most of them used to describe it. Beth Flanagan, release engineer at Yocto Project, even took a picture of the Ben sitting beside her 17inch-ish laptop, saying that the discrepancy was "awesome" :-).

Thanks to the OpenEmbedded community for holding the booth for a few years now. They surely are a friendly bunch, welcoming and nice to chat with.

Let's hope we meet again next year.