Linux 3.17 patches status

Here is a late post on Linux 3.17 which was pushed out a few weeks ago. I planned to post a short status of my contributions, as usual, but then I was busy making preparations to go to LinuxCon and ELC Europe -- more on that later.

Anyway, this one will be quick: I got a couple of fixes into 3.17 for the JZ4740 MUSB driver.

Thing is, the MUSB driver is using the generic NOP transceiver as its PHY provider, and the transceiver was recently renamed from usb_nop_xceiv to usb_phy_generic. The change induced a kernel panic due to an unhandled kernel unaligned access while trying to dereference musb->xceiv->io_ops in the musb_init_controller() function in drivers/usb/musb/musb_core.c.

My patches were aimed at fixing that issue, by declaring the transceiver under its new name in the JZ4740 platform data and also registering it in the MUSB driver to make sure the driver prints an error message if the transceiver cannot be registered for some reason.

Links to the patches:

As always, the ever useful changelog published by

Til next release.