Linux 3.16 released: patch inside

A new kernel release, and with it comes another patch of mine.

A single patch this time, but this one has been in the works for a while now. It's about providing documentation for the MUSB driver I wrote for the Ingenic JZ4740 SoC which was included into Linux kernel 3.14.

I wrote the documentation back in February 2014 as an attempt to log all the things I learned while writing an MUSB driver for the Ben NanoNote. The end result was more detailed than I initially planned, to my own surprise, thereby I submitted it to be included in the Linux kernel upstream -- that move was a trial balloon, truth to be told.

Then came a series of unexpected events that may explain the lengthy review process that ensued; the main one being a change of maintainer for the kernel documentation. Around that time Rob Landley stepped down as maintainer of the Linux kernel documentation and handed the keys back to Randy Dunlap. As a matter of fact, all pending patches needed to be resent:

The sheer size of the documentation I wrote and the Linux kernel review and release process also contributed to the time it took for the patch to be merged into Linux kernel 3.16 -- the rest is history, logged into the Linux Kernel Mailing List archive ;-).

Anyway, here is the documentation as I first published it on this blog:

And the version compiled from the Linux kernel source tree, readable online:

For the curious mind, a link to the patch in the kernel source tree:

Let's not forget the detailed changelog for Linux kernel 3.16, courtesy of

Stay tuned for more !