Linux 3.14 out, me contributions inside

Last edit on 2014-04-09: added details on the whatabouts.

Linus Torvalds released version 3.14 of the Linux kernel last week.

Anything special this time around ? Well, first and foremost, I managed to get a few patches inside \o/ (<-- hacker joy).

Being part of the Qi-Hardware community, I worked on a USB device driver for the Ben NanoNote. We were initially relying on an out-of-tree device driver written by Ingenic for the USB device controller of its JZ4740 SoC. In order to provide full upstream support for the Ben NanoNote in the Linux kernel, I then wrote an upstream compliant MUSB device driver which is feature-wise on par with the initial one.

My first contribution to the Linux kernel landed in version 3.13 in fact. It was a small fix for the MUSB core, paving the way for the following patches I worked on.

In 3.14 it was all about adding support for the Ingenic JZ4740 USB device controller through an MUSB device driver. Had to learn quite a bit about the USB protocol and the Linux kernel internals on my spare time, but it was worth the time and the effort -- let's be honest here: I had a blast working on it late into the nights.

Anyway, here are:

Let's try to keep it up, and see what contributions land in the next kernel releases ;-).